• Abbey Dubbel
    (8.5 Litres)

    Most of us enjoy drinking Belgian Beer but if you make it yourself you may well “Dubbel” the pleasure and “Dubbel” the fun! The late hop characters give this ale an interesting twist on a typical Dubbel.

    American Burleywine
    (8.5 litres)

    Looking for a beer to share with Gran’? This is not that beer. Bold, brash and big, it’s the biggest of all beers - an American Barleywine. Wine you say? Called barleywine because the main ingredient is malted barley and due to its near double digit strength, it's closer to wine than the average beer (Hey Boo Boo). Dark, brutal and brooding, even after a long time ageing it still packs a decent hop punch.

  • American Rebel Amber Ale
    (8.5 Litres)

    This Malty Sweet, Citrus Marmalade flavoured Amber Ale is a must try this month and lives up to it’s name; with strong Toffee and Caramel aromas and a hop filled smooth finish, this rebel is revving up a righteous reputation.

    Awful Ogre Ale
    (8.5 Litres)

    Sometimes you want to throw finesse out the window and just make an impact. This American Strong Ale is exactly what it says it is.


    But not the awful of today. The awful that once meant awe-inspired. Like a mountain or a castle, this beer is big. Big and strong. Heavy bodied, boldly sweet, and with chocolate marmalade flavours followed by one powerfully bitter finish, this is one beer you won’t forget.

  • B Side IPA
    (8.5 Litres)

    This is an IPA for real fans because real fans know the best song is always the b side. We’re not saying you’re the eggman if you didn’t, but it’s just the sweetest thing when someone knows it’s nearly the 51st anniversary of one of those great vinyl flipsides. If you know beer, you’ll fall in love with the tropical citrus notes and the complex toffee and sweet malt beats. The lasting bitterness will roll on like a melancholy morning, or a heavy balloon, but hey, hey, what can you do? This beer will rock you.

    Batman & Robin IPA
    (8.5 Litres)

    Being a proprietary blend of unique hop varieties from USA’s Northwest, Falconers Flight is kind of like the Batman and Robin of the hop world. The ultimate duo of super hop crusaders produces a beer that is at first pine resinous with notes of grapefruit and hints of stone fruit, then breaks out into all out bright lemon esters on the nose and tongue followed by a mighty punch of IPA bitterness and sweet malt that knocks the flavour into the stratosphere while the carbonation brings the final zing into the melee. This awesome beer triumphs over the tastebuds!

  • Bavarian Pearl
    (8.5 Litres)

    Inspired by Bavaria, the home of beer, this wiessbier is one pearl you won’t waste before swine. Just in time for summer, this mildly bitter medium bodied German wheat beer is a refreshing take on an old favourite.

    Straw gold in colour, this creamy brew finishes with a delicate carbonic bite. Restrained use of Perle hops make for a sophisticated palate of floral and spicy notes augmented by a hint of clove. The end result: a wonderfully New World evolution of on an Old World classic.

    Big Red One
    (8.5 Litres)

    Deep amber in colour and rich in flavour, this "big brew" will give you a warming sensation all the way down. At around 8% ABV, it is the type of beer that we like to call a "Stay-at-Home" beer. This brew displays a level of complexity that will see it develop nicely over 6 months or so but try one early, as well!

  • Black Moon Rising
    (8.5 Litres)

    The black moon is a rare occurrence, usually considered a time for new beginnings, and a Foreign Extra Stout is a potion potent enough for such an occasion. Midnight black, with robust malt character, and balanced, yet noticeable hop bitterness, cloaked in a large tan head of foam. Give this one time to mellow, it will prove worth the wait!

    Boerderij Saison - The Farmhouse Beer
    (8.5 Litres)

    This month’s Craft recipe was inspired by a Belgian farmhouse beer that boasts a lively, spicy pale malt flavour with a thirst quenching finish and a fruity, peppery aroma with hints of vanilla.

  • Brew de Ale Ze Bub
    (8.5 Litres)

    An American IPA that is true to style, bitter, bold and hoppy. Pale malt strikes a fitting counterpoint to all the complexity of the hops that are classic for this style. Citrusy, floral with notes of pine and resin, with a bitterness that lingers, it’s all about the hops in this beer.

    British Bulldog Robust Porter
    (8.5 Litres)

    With a name like British Bulldog, you know this isn’t a quiet little pup you’d expect to see in someone’s handbag.

    It’s a bulldog; and it bites. This robust twist on a classic English Porter creates an intense roasted bitter dark chocolate flavour with a malty sweet finish and strong coffee, chocolate and dried fruit aroma that perfectly suits a variety of foods.

  • Brown Eyed Girl
    (8.5 Litres)

    A tantalising potion that will leave you sated, but still yearning for just one more taste. Rich caramel toffee malt with a balance of woodsy, herbal hops round out the flavour medley in this fresh take on an Imperial English Brown.

    Camilla's Folly
    (8.5 Litres)

    Waiting decades for your prince/princess charming can make you bitter. This interpretation of an Extra Special Bitter will make you happy for the wait, and the victory that much sweeter. English hops flavour this classic style, with pale malt at its base but some caramel, nutty tones tossed in for a nice complexity. A celebration of aromas and flavours worthy of a royalty toast!

  • Churchill's Bulldog
    (8.5 Litres)

    Famous for its bittercisms, this floral fruity Brown Ale ends every sip with a firm finish. Churchill once said of itself, Bulldog Brown Ale is the worst kind of beer…except for all those other brown ales that have been tried from time to time. We will make it whatever the cost may be. We will make it in our sheds, we will make it in our laundries, we will make it in our kitchens and in our bathrooms. With hints of spice and chocolate, and rolling flavours of fruit cake and roasted malts, never, has so much, been given to so many, by so few.

    Cleopatra's Asp
    (8.5 Litres)

    Ancient Egyptians were known for their brewing, even immortalising it in their hieroglyphics. Barley and wheat spiced with mandrake root (as an aphrodisiac), dates and honey were some of the ingredients known to be used. Our amped-up take on appeasing your inner sphinx has amber malt and a little wheat forming the core, with a touch of sugar and spice to bring it all together for a tasty trip down memory lane in the Valley of the Kings. A dash of cayenne provides at the bite that sealed the queen’s fate, but here it is pleasure, not pain, that carries you away.

  • Columbus' Cascading Brown Ale
    (8.5 Litres)

    Hop forward but with a rich malt base, this American Brown is just the right balance of the four elements of beer to go down smooth. Whether you're out exploring new worlds or snuggled up in front of a fire, you'll find you return again and again for just one more taste of this liquid velvet.

    (8.5 litres)

    Be warned, this beer is seriously dark. Good for sipping on a cold night, after a hard day's work or just sitting back and getting really "relaxed."

  • Discovery IPA
    (8.5 Litres)

    Imagine if Christopher Columbus’ exploring prowess extended to brewing. Chances are he would have toasted his discovery of the Americas with an IPA to acknowledge his bold undertaking.

    Our Recipe of the Month is a nod to the intrepid seafaring explorer with an American-inspired IPA dubbed Discovery IPA. Thanks to the abundance of American Columbus and Centennial hop varieties, this beautiful India Pale Ale is awash with bold citrus, spice and floral notes, along with a shipload of malty flavours and a spicy, bitter finish.

    Columbus would undoubtedly agree — our American-inspired Discovery IPA is definitely worth discovering.

    Festive Funk IPA
    (10 Litres)

    It’s high summer, the festivals have started, and the news of this IPA is like music to our ears. An almost psychedelic fusion, this India Pale Ale melds Saison and American brewing styles to create a straw gold, medium bodied IPA that isn’t too bitter or too strong.

    With a refreshingly dry and bitter finish this subtly malted zesty brew is the perfect summer party beer. But throwaway the incense sticks, you won’t want to miss a hint of the peppery orange peel aromas driven by three distinctly different hops.

    Peace. Love. And IPA.

  • Gila Monster Black IPA
    (8.5 Litres)

    An IPA that delivers more bite than a desert full of Gila Monsters (google them).
    A perfect melding of the orange and the black with a fierce hop bite. This big and dark India Pale Ale showcases roasted malt characters followed by a deep hop back bite. Watch this one, and handle with care, it's a serious contender in aroma, flavour and the bitterness that it brings is truly a wild ride!

    Grandfather's Stout
    (8.5 Litres)

    This time of year brings out the grandfather in all of us. It’s the time for open fires, armchairs, crosswords, and slippers. But most of all it’s the time of year for stout: a beer as black as the bottoms of your feet after you’ve walked seven miles to school in the rain; as bitter as your thoughts about politicians; and as strong as you are stubborn. It smells better than grandfather, with notes of coffee, chocolate, and aniseed. Robust but with a sweet side behind it all, this stout is one for the generations.

  • Heavy McWee
    (8.5 Litres)

    The cold wind cutting through the heathers leaves you longing for a hearty beer to warm you through. Malty, caramel notes dominate this russet coloured beauty, earthy complexity underpins initial stone fruit impressions with intense warming alcohol. You don’t have to wear a kilt to warm to this drink!

    Hop Bomb (USA Double IPA)
    (8.5 Litres)

    Stand back, she’s gonna brew!

    This powerful flavour explosion of Sweet Malt and citrus is why the Hop Bomb IPA is one of our favourites. A resinous and lasting bitterness is coupled with a burst of tropical fruit and citrus hop aromatics; that will turn anyone within the blast zone into a casualty of this dangerous but delightful deep copper craft beer.

  • Hop Head Red
    (8.5 litres)

    The flavour of this beer is intense, like the red glow of a morning sunrise. The full bodied flavour and the moderately strong alcohol content warms you all the way down, like a sunrise warming your face.

    Hopiphany White IPA
    (8.5 Litres)

    Is this the ultimate t-shirt and suit jacket beer? Centennial and Falconer's Flight hops are the real stars here, added late for maximum aroma and flavour. They add pine, floral and bright citrus notes. They are backed nicely by golden pale ale malt, and laced with a zing of pepper and clove, which the yeast brings to the party. This is an inspired White IPA that will leave you revelling in its complexity, and yearning for more!

  • Lookout IPA
    (8.5 Litres)

    Inspired by sitting in our favourite spot watching the waves crash in the cool night air, this golden IPA was brewed to capture that sense of wonder as the sun melts into the sea.
    Like the layers of a summer sunset, a range of citrus flavours roll across a beach of malt. Intense pine and grapefruit aromas hit the back of the nose like a fresh breeze while the heavy bodied ale warms you from within. The perfect beer for those soulful summer evenings.

    Nightcap, American Dark Lager
    (10 Litres)

    There’s nothing quite like a nightcap after a long day, or a short day, a Wednesday, even a yesterday. Particularly when it boasts a smooth roasted malt taste with hints of vanilla and citrus, and the aroma of tropical fruits like our Nightcap, American Dark Lager does. This copper brown brew is the perfect tipple to tip you over the edge, into dreamland. So, all that’s left for us to say is… Cheers, and sweet dreams.

  • Oval Office Honey Amber
    (8.5 litres)

    A real buzz went around Washington and the world when the White House brewed their own beer, so this is our take on their Honey Ale. A subtle honey flavour provides a crisp rebuttal to the strong malt base at the heart of this amber ale. Fuggle hops add another layer of complexity to the profile and the traditional English yeast leaves the finish clean and true. Wander out to the East Lawn, take your shoes off, sip a few cold ones and chill…

    Pale Ale Revered
    (9 Litres)

    We don’t just come up with names on a whim; this really is an ale to be revered. Inspired by a ground breaking IPA style, that was first made in 1975 by the Anchor Brewing Company, known as Liberty Ale, this golden coloured brew delivers a perfect mixture of spicy, citrus and marmalade aromas that precede a balanced sweet/bitter citrus finish to taste, with a pale malt backbone.
    Medium bitterness and an approximate alcohol content of 6.0%, make this is an easy brew to be respected and admired by all. Cheers.

  • Prescription Pils
    (8.5 Litres)

    Feeling pale? The Prescription Pils’ is the perfect tonic for your thirst.
    Built on a bed of unhopped pale malt extract you can expect a medium bodied pilsner with golden straw colours. Its sweet malt spice flavours are followed by a dry finish and a healthy dose of floral aromas and a hint of citrus.
    After your first Prescription Pils the only thing you’ll be nursing will be the next one. No reason to worry about running out though, the repeat prescription’s in your hands.

    Pumpkin Rising
    (8.5 litres)

    Good gourd! This beer has a real Pumpkin Pie flavours and aroma. The caramelised pumpkin and the spices really enhance the flavours so they shine most brightly against the malt back drop. With a thick creamy head and a lingering spice finish, this is truly a beer with which to celebrate in style!

  • Red Bomber
    (8.5 Litres)

    It won’t take an Ace to make this delicious red ale, but it’ll be much easier to down than that other famous red bomber.
    An assertive blend of floral, herbal, spicy and tropical fruits will take your senses soaring before diving into sweet malty, resiny, fruity flavours. At 7.5% percent it might leave you barrel-rolling, but that’s all the more reason to share it with a wing-man. And don’t worry about the the pre-flight check. the only call you’ll be making over the radio will be ‘bravo.’

    Rocket's Red Glare
    (8.5 Litres)

    A well balanced American Amber Ale that glows with a tinge of red. Flavour is lush with caramel and toffee malt that are the heart of its foundation. Cascade hops provide a nice hit of citrus in the aroma as you taste, rounding out the malty finish.

  • School Of Hops - Bravo
    (8.5 Litres)

    Break’s over…

    Luckily, this extracurricular class is here to keep you sane. Welcome to the first in a series that will take you through the wide world of hops. Many brewers profess a knowledge of beer’s magic ingredient, but these lessons will separate the pros from the pretenders.

    Attention class! Known as Bravo, our introductory hop is, ironically, a super-alpha variety. Excellent for bittering, when added late it presents sweet floral aroma characteristics. In this golden coloured ale look out for how Bravo brings out hints of orange and vanilla with a strong, but not overbearing, bitterness. Happy studying!

    (8.5 Litres)

    Shiner: (Informal) A black eye.

    The only black eye you need to worry about though, is this black IPA that packs a heavy punch of chocolate, passionfruit, and stonefruit. With rich roasted malt and espresso flavours, this beer ends with a finish nearly as bitter as a certain Irish lightweight. This heavy might just be that new sparring partner you’ve been looking for, but remember at 7.2%, be prepared that the Shiner can look after itself… it might be time to lace up those gloves.

  • Spiced Winter Ale
    (8.5 litres)

    Warm yourself up on a cold night with this special brew! The perfect blend of spices makes this beer one of a kind. We recommend you condition this brew for no less than 2 months before enjoying as it only gets better with age. Serve in a tulip shaped glass and drink slightly warmer than fridge temperature.

    The Hoff
    (8.5 Litres)

    A brew best enjoyed in red Speedos.

    Love them or hate them, you can’t deny the beauty of the Baywatch crew; something we attribute to the fact that this fine brew was their knock-off of choice. Inspired by a well-known Hefeweizen, this Mit Hefe style brew (meaning with yeast) is the perfect pale gold partner for a relaxed afternoon after running along the beach in slow-motion. With aromas of clove, spice and a hint of banana, matched with a spritzy, yet soft malt palate and a suggestion of lemon that leaves a clean finish… it’s safe to say, The Hoff will have you surfing a wave of satisfaction into the sunset; and unlike the Hoff himself, this brew will improve with age. Cheers.

  • The Voodoo That You Do
    (8.5 litres)

    I was mighty blue,

    thought my batch was all through,

    till the fridge doors opened,

    and I gazed upon you.

    You do something to me,

    send the current all through me,

    every time I sip,

    that frosty glass full of you.

    You'll wax melodic after your first few sips of this enchanting ale. Amber, yet a little hazy, and malty, yet balanced. Just the right notes all the way through, truly something magical is at work here.

    Tiger Eye Amber Ale
    (8.5 litres)

    A gem of a brew, displaying similar luxurious colours of the rock with the same name and an almost luminescent quality to its unfiltered look, the flavour is as rich as its appearance. Malt forward, and balanced with bright citrus hop notes, it finishes with a crisp yet lingering bite at the end.

  • Turncoat IPL
    (8.5 Litres)

    What’s an IPL? You take all of the hop-forward citrus and pine hop goodness of an India Pale Ale and smooth it out with lager yeast. Flavoursome, with a serious bite and all the crisp smoothness you would expect from a great lager. By George, I think I'll have one!

    Vlad the Impale Ale
    (8.5 litres)

    In honour of Bram Stoker, deep and dark, roasted and bitter like a stake through the heart. You'll gladly die the little death after you wrap your fangs, um lips around this hop forward ale. A deep veil of dark coffee malt cloaking the luscious hop bitterness that engulfs your palate, the remnants running languidly down your throat and you realise your soul has been forever changed. The thirst for more of this dark biting ale is all you desire.

  • Westside Pale Ale
    (8.5 Litres)

    This West Coast American style Pale Ale builds upon a Pale malt backbone and showcases a firm citrus and melon note with light but bitter finish; while delicate floral, tropical fruit, lemon and grapefruit aromas waft from within this golden, amber Ale.

    Wicked Winter Warmer
    (8.5 Litres)

    Dark roasted malt character takes the lead but there’s a deep underlying bitterness to offset those flavours. Mouth-feel is generous but not overdone, with enough body to stand up to the spirit essence addition. The Rum essence is the final note in the composition and brings delightful roundness of flavour that chases away the frostbite. What a tasty way to warm up on a cold winter day, or any time!