Barley Crush
(8.5 Litres)

If you thought Candy Crush was hard to put down, just wait until you’ve tried this English Barleywine. Everything about the Barley Crush is big. Intense sweet malt flavours fight against a bracingly bitter marmalade finish with fistfuls of orange peel aromas. Rich fragrant floral notes and vibrant hop aromatics betray its 9.9% ABV. The perfect tonic to warm the bones on a cold winter’s night, you’d best get brewing now; because, like all big strong things, the Barley Crush takes some time to mature.


  • Colour: Copper/Brown
  • Body: Heavy
  • Bitterness: High
  • Approx. Alcohol Level: 9.9% ABV
  • Naturally Carbonated: Natural
  • STEP 1: Mix

    Clean and sanitise all equipment that will come in contact with the brew.
    Add the contents of the Bewitched Amber Ale and Northwest Pale Ale to the Fermenting Vessel (FV).
    Fill the FV with cold water to the 8.5 litre mark.
    This brew is likely to produce a lot of foam. We suggest you fit the Krausen Kollar.
    Sprinkle the Nottingham yeast and brew can yeasts then fit the lid.

  • STEP 2: Brew

    Place the FV in a location out of direct sunlight and try to ferment at 18 - 20C.
    Fermentation should take 7 to 12 days.
    At around day 7, add about 12g each of the Challenger and EKG Hop Pellets to the brew by wrapping them in a mesh cleaning cloth (pulled straight from the pack) and place directly on top of the brew then re-fit the lid.
    Brewers Note: - the leftover hops can be kept in the freezer for a brew in the future.
    After a couple of days, check the Specific Gravity (SG)
    Check the SG again the following day and so on.

  • STEP 3: Bottle

    The brew is ready once the SG has stabilised over a couple of days, expect about 1012 to 1016.
    Gently fill clean PET bottles to about 3cm from the top.
    Add 2 carbonation drops per bottle and secure the caps (only one drop per bottle may be preferred for this style).
    Store the bottles upright in a location out of direct sunlight at or above 18C.

  • STEP 4: Enjoy!

    After at least two weeks, check for sufficient carbonation by squeezing the bottles.
    Bottles kept unrefrigerated should improve in with bottle age.
    When ready to drink, chill the bottles upright.
    The chilled beer may be poured into clean glassware, leaving the sediment behind.
    Expect the alcohol content to be approximately 9.9% ABV.